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About Us

Our Mission

The Rydalmere FC board in conjunction with the committee has established targets and objectives that will create a pathway to achieving the clubs strategic goals. This will build upon the work commenced in early 2014 including the construction of a new facility comprising of the latest standards in change rooms, canteen, amenities and training room for our members, guests and sponsors.
Rydalmere FC will continue to encourage footballers and aspire to facilitate Boys, Girls, Men and Women in developing and participating in football at our club and within the community.

One of our key values is Integrity. We want to be the number one community and family club where the club will be renowned for its safe and honest environment promoting a respectful and responsible football culture across all ages and genders. Ensuring families, community, members and non-members of the club feel valued in their participation in all social events and football games.


Formally known as St. Joseph’s Zgharta Soccer Club, Rydalmere Football Club was first established in 1979, playing out of both Everley Park and Granville Park in the Sydney Armature League Competition.
In its short history, Rydalmere FC has achieved great success both on and off the field. Here is a snapshot:

Early 90’s: The club withdrew from the NSW Federation to focus on building the junior base.

Re-entry into the NSW State League competition was reliant on the club's success in the GDSFA Premier League competition. ‚Äč

2010-2012: Rydalmere FC returned to its successful ways, dominating the GDSFA Premier League competition.

 2012-2013: Rydalmere FC reached an agreement with Fairfield Lions in order to provide a pathway for the club's players in the NSW State League Division 2.  

2014: Fairfield Lions made the permanent move Rydalmere and became known as Rydalmere Lions FC.

2014: The club won promotion to the NSW State League Division 1.

2015: Regional youth teams were introduced to the club. This raised the total number of teams within the club to 44.

2017: The club's youth and men's NPL teams won promotion to NSW NPL1 and NSW NPL2 respectively.

Our Vision

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Our vision is for Rydalmere FC to continue in its expansion and development of its facilities, while continuing the promotion of football in the area and providing the highest quality development for all players, coaches, managers and volunteers.

We aspire to continually create a professional culture based around respect. This is imperative in empowering Rydalmere FC to develop and grow in order to achieve the following:

  • Inspire juniors to grow and develop through the ranks;
  • Create a clear path to a potential professional career;
  • Attract and retain the best possible coaching staff to create a team to take the club into its next phase of growth;
  • Attract and support existing talent and develop to the highest football standard;
  • Work with the community and sister club to raise funds to improve and develop better facilities for future development of the local talent; and
  • Strengthen the Rydalmere FC brand to be synonymous with professional football.

35 South Street,  (Entry at 6 Park Road)
Rydalmere, NSW 2116

For any enquiries, please mail: